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I am passionate about the benefits of reflexology in helping women through their pregnancy and preparing their bodies for labour. Reflexology stimulates the systems in the body and can make women feel more comfortable throughout their term, helping them with conditions such as morning sickness, backache and fatigue. Having attended the ‘Susanne Enzer Maternity Course’ to expand my knowledge in this area. I am able to use reflexology to:


• help sub-fertile couples to conceive

• help to relieve the pain caused by symphysis pubis

• eliminate the body of its toxins by using lymphatic techniques

• most importantly to help mum and baby to have a balanced pregnancy


Maternity reflexology is simply reflexology that is focussed on the woman, her partner and her baby through each stage of the pregnancy. The skill of the reflexologist is to balance and harmonise the whole being in preparation for birth and by doing so helping to make your pregnancy a more enjoyable and memorable experience.


Helping you prepare the body for conception and overcoming infertility

Pre-conceptual care is aimed at preparing the body, mind and spirit for conception. This can benefit both women and men, treatment can help regulate the menstrual cycle and stimulate healthy sperm production.


Reflexology also has an excellent reputation in helping couples overcome fertility challenges. It can help both partners by balancing all the body systems, regulating cycles and reducing stress and tension, therefore creating the best environment for conception.


Making you feel more comfortable during pregnancy

During the nine months of pregnancy a woman's body goes through enormous physical changes, for some this can be a long period of discomfort and fatigue. Reflexology is excellent in maintaining balance during the rapidly changing experience of pregnancy. A list of the conditions it can help with are listed on this page.


Helping you go into labour if you are past your due date

Many women seek the help of a reflexologist if they go over their due date and want to avoid a hospital induction. Certain points on the feet are touched to gently encourage the body to go into labour naturally, and, if mother and baby are ready, labour may start within a few days. Reflexology can also be extremely effective during the intensity of labour itself in helping the woman keep focused and relaxed.

Reflexology in pregnancy

Conditions maternity reflexology can help with


NB. A reflexologist cannot diagnosis or prescribe. Also remember reflexology is an adjunct to medical help not a replacement for it. You should seek medical help if you have an urgent or acute problem.

  • morning sickness/nausea

  • pain and discomfort from pregnancy

  • headaches

  • stress and anxiety

  • fatigue

  • backache

  • constipation

  • digestive problems

  • pubis symphysis pain